Water ATM

Aseem Foundation's Environment Conservation Initiative

Ladakh Is Dying of Plastic Waste…
Let’s Switch To Reusable... Let’s Save Ladakh

        Ladakh is one of the world’s most pristine and previously untouched landscapes, it has in recent decades been relentlessly assailed by the influx of tourism. The number has almost reached to 3 Lac people visiting Ladakh including Indian and Foreign visitors. Though this has led to a surge in economic activities directly and indirectly related to tourism; the increased waste has accompanied it.

More than 33000 plastic water bottles are sold per day in the peak tourist season.

        Aseem hence has planned to implement the concept of Water ATM to find a local level solution to this problem. The Water ATM will be based on ‘Reduce’ and ‘Reuse’ concepts in pollution control-

1. Reduce the use of plastic bottles by making available Pure Water at various tourist places.
2. Reuse a single bottle (Eco-Friendly Bottles) in whole journey avoiding use and purchase of multiple plastic bottles.

Objective -

Short Term:
1. Reduce the use of Plastic bottles used for drinking water
2. Making available Clean and Pure water for tourists
3. Employment Generation for locals

Long Term:

1. Plastic free and clean Ladakh to maintain its significance as land of God not only for tourism but also for local resources.
2. Set an example for the locals to apply scientific concepts to solve local problems.

Aseem Foundation's Water ATM

Highlights of Aseem's Water ATM –

Water ATM will have a RO system installed and purified water will be provided
The water will be available at very cheaper rate (e.g. Rs.5/- per Litre)

Tourists can refill their bottles at below locations