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About Koshur Krunch

Aseem partnered with the local Kashmiri youth to establish a bakery to make cookies, utilizing only the locally available resources in the process, like apples and walnuts. Initially experimenting from Pune, the stages of procedure finalizing, testing, standardization and FSS authorization for commercial producation were finished in about an year.

            Our partners were then called up to Pune to train them in the art and science of operating a bakery. When they went back and started the production locally, in Bijbehara, Kashmir they received tremendous response from tourists and local buyers. After this initial success new ventures are taking shape in towns like Badgam and Poonch. Our intent has been boosting the entrepreneurial spirit naturally present in the youth, and it has been working really well.

           In 2016-17 we started new bakeries at Aloosa, Bandipora and Zaloora, Sopore. Then two All women bakeries were started at Ashtingoo, Bandipore and Uri involving young girls from Jammu-Kashmir. Very recently in association with the Indian Army we have started the fifth bakery with the new brand line Olive Green Cookies

Spreading the Entrepreneural Spirit...

Coverage of Nida (Our Partner for Koshur Krunch in Ashtingoo, Bandipora) on a Kashmiri News channel!