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Rashtra Aradhan

Pictured: Rashtra Aradhan-IV, 21 st Jan 2018

Shaurya Cards & Android App

Shaurya Cards
The Param Vir Chakra is India's highest wartime military decoration, while the Ashok Chakra is the highest peacetime decoration. We want the future generations to know the stories of these awardees, as they are the real heroes of the nation. For this, we have created Shaurya Cards. This is a fun & interactive game through which we get to know the stories of the PVC and AC awardees, and being in form of a game it makes a deeper impression on the young minds.

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The Param Vir Chakra has been awarded to only 21 soldiers.
Aseem has collected the stories of the *Param Veer*s, in both Marathi and English, so that all of us can hear and read them in our preferred language, and more importantly, Get inspired by these Real heroes.

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