Bed and Breakfast Tourism

- Where Hospitality Meets the Culture -

Tourists get a chance to live the life led by a local Kashmiri family. Since ample time is available to interact with the hosts, the guests can have a better understanding of the life in Kashmir. This helps the connect the families with their guests from other states and helps bridge the communication gap.

About Bed and Breakfast Tourism

A jewel of a destination, Jammu & Kashmir is one of the most amazing holiday destinations in India. The all three regions (Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh) have different and unique beauty. The nature, culture, cuisine of Jammu and Kashmir is worth experiencing at least once a lifetime. The concept of Aseem's Bed and Breakfast Tourism arises to connect locals with people from rest of the India. The hospitality, love and care that people of J&K give is amazing and never seen in any other places. Along with regular tourism places like Gulmarg, Sonmarg, Dal Lake, Pahalgam we recommend people to visit some lesser known but beautiful places in J&K and stay with locals for some days to experience the real J&K including food, culture, music and strengthen the bond with locals. Tourists also get an opportunity to visit projects undertaken by Aseem to improve the livelihood of locals. Aseem has conducted many such tours which helped both the locals in the form of some source of income and tourists to get an exposure to culture and nature of this border state. And most importantly it has helped to strengthen the bond between common man from rest of India to J&K.


1. Tourism for cultural Exchange

2. Use of Local Resources

3. Supportive Income for homes

4. Development of tourism sector at local level

Ladakh - Garbage Management for Tourists
A shortfilm by Aseem

July to September is the peak time for the tourists visiting the beautiful land of Leh-Ladakh. Exploring this geography on foot, on bicycle, in car or on a motorcycle, is a rewarding and enlightening experience. At the same time, we all should not forget our liability towards the nature, and the Ladakhi people. At present, Leh-Ladakh is struggling from the garbage left behind by the tourists and travellers. Through “Aseem Foundation”, we decided to create awareness amongst people regarding this issue. A group of volunteers who visited Ladakh in July 2018 has come up with a video addressing this issue. Do see it, and also forward the link to your friends or relatives who are planning to visit Leh-Ladakh!