Jammu-Kashmir Abhyas Varg

Pictured: Jammu-Kashmir Abhyas Varg, 20 Jan 2018

How it Started...

Jammu-Kashmir has been a widely discussed and debated issue among us all. However, very few people have actual ground level exposure in this region. Some refrain from visiting as this is a so-called volatile area, and some are just too lazy. We think our exposure to the actual ground conditions in all these years has an important part to play in understanding and analysing the current developments in this region.

Furthermore, Jammu-Kashmir has a rich and diverse history, which is as important as the comtemporary history. Therefore, R&EC conducts 1-day or 2-day workshops for the enthusiasts who seek to know more about the Kashmir issue. The sessions are open to anyone, and with prior registration, you can join these. Registration details are given in the right column.

Registration for Abhyas Varg

To participate, please email us at info@aseemfoundation.org with your Name, Age, Occupation and Contact number.

We will get back to you with a confirmation on registration over email/phone.