Dry Apples

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Aseem Foundation's ventures are based on processing local produce and transform it into a tasty product. Apple is one such local produce and identity of Jammu and Kashmir. We can produce different types of products from apple like apple juice, apple cider, apple jam, etc.

We are introducing a new product that is Dehydrated Apple Chips. These are tasty bites of apple that can be stored for a year.


The apple season is very short in Kashmir valley and so is summer season. The rapid and bulk drying will help us to set up a good cycle of dried apple business. The current market for dehydrated vegetables and fruits is very high. Freeze drying is the method applied for dehydration all over the world. Hot air drying is 4 to 10 times cheaper than freeze- 2 drying and solar drying is cheapest as compared to both methods. Solar drying is a conventional method used since ages for improving the shelf life of the product by removing the water. The conventional method had some drawbacks to the loss of essential nutrients during dehydration. The new-age solar dryers have a UV protection sheet which helps in retaining 45% more nutrients conventional solar drying. The post-harvest management of apples in this way will gain a profit. The potential customers for this product are producers of baby foods, confectionery, soups, breakfast cereals, instant meals, etc.


1.   Through HWHL and Shri. Javed Tak, we have given the task of making dry apples to the Divyang jan (disabled people)

2.   Small Apple Growers

3.   This is a circular economy, because dry apples will also be utilized in Koshur Krunch's Apple-walnut cookie making.


•   Generation of supportive income to families through cooperative model.

•  Postharvest management of local resources by improved ways of conventional dehydration methods.

•  Creating a demand of agriculture-based products with increased value as compared to raw material.


Short Term

1.   To establish a cooperative for dehydrated apples at one place.

2.  The members will invest their apples as an investment in the business.

3. Helping the locals to earn supportive income by proper postharvest management of apples.

Long Term

1.   Establishing Cooperative units of Aseem Foundation at different locations in Kashmir valley.

2.  Increasing the product portfolio by adding more fruits and vegetable as per demand .

3. The cooperative will increase the income of each member and will in turn benefit the village.

4. Effective use of local resources to develop small scale Cooperative industries specially the Agro-Industries.