Aagaz Bakers

- Bakery Products for Local needs -

- Women Co-operative Enterprise at Faisalabad, Jammu-Kashmir -

Villages in the Jammu and Kashmir region bordering the LOC are under constant threat of violence and thus these unstable conditions affect the lives of poor families that depend on income from agriculture labor and other means. Especially vulnerable are women and children who for lack of income and education are in constant distress. The farmers in this region mainly grow apples and walnuts though due to the unstable environment, they don’t always have the means to sell their produce or processed goods primarily due to lack of infrastructure and a stable supply chain.

We impart training to these women so they can start a small baking business. These women will buy the fruits from the farmers in the region and bring them home to process them and then make Dehydrated Apples and Apple-Walnut Cookies.

A total of six women are employed here, and this bakery also provides indirect employment through its supply chain related activities.