Tamul Plates and Bowls

- Environment-Friendly Products -

- Project exeution in association with Indian Army -

Tamul leaf, as it is called in Assamese, means Arecanut leaf. This material is sourced from Arecanut trees, which are abundantly available in the northeastern state of Assam. This resource has been under-utilized, and the availability of raw material – Tamul leaf can be converted into a potential industry, by making plates, bowls, and other cutlery from the leaves. Electrically powered hydraulic plate making machines are used for this process.


1. 100% Eco-friendly, compostable after use
2. Compatible with hot/cold & liquid foods
3. Non-toxic, non-odoroud
4. Creating business opportunities for local youth with local resources
5. Easily stored & transported.
6. Cost-effective and very good shelf life


1. Initial discussions with local army unit for support - Completed

2. Procurement of hydraulic machine and installation on site - Completed

3. Training of participants / beneficiaries - Completed with the help of TPMC (http://tamul.co.in/)

4. Obtaining necessary certifications from BIS authorities - In Progress

5. Inauguration, Start of operation at project site & Pilot production

Partner organization for this project - Indian Army

Samples are available at Aseem's Pune office! Please send an e-mail to orders@aseemfoundation.org mentioning your visit time, our volunteer will attend you!