Maqbool Sherwani Library

Who is Maqbool Sherwani

Maqbool Sherwani was a Kashmiri youth, who delayed the march of Kabali and Pakhtoon tribesmen from Pakistan and rebel forces (of then Kashmir State) along with irregulars of the Pak army in Baramulla, in October 1947. When diverted, these forces were on their way to Srinagar, and a few hours distance from it. In this manner, he played an important role in buying time for Indian troops who landed in Srinagar once the accession was accepted. We at Aseem, find an inspiration in Maqbool, who, despite being alone and unarmed, was instruental in stopping the plunder caused by a tide of enemies.

The Maqbool Sherwani Library

Apart from working on ground as a part of Aseem, R&EC also does systematic study of the Kashmir issue, and also the problems in the Northeastern India. For this, we require references from published papers, books, and other print/digital media. The academics who work in similar fields also approach us seeking our help/guidance in these matters. For everyone's benifit, we have formalized the books, papers and records that we hold, and have made it easily accesible to everyone wishing to do so through this library.

You can enquire about the library by emailing us at Or by calling us on +91-779 833 1947

Stats: Maqbool Sherwani Library

Total Number of Books/Journals: More than 150
Marathi: ~50; English: ~100

These books are related to the regions India, Jammu-Kashmir, Ladakh, Nagaland, Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka etc.

Rare Newspaper cuttings are also present, both in digital and physical format.