Astro Tourism

- Opportunity to observe the nights on the heights of Ladakh -

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Many tourists visit Ladakh to experience its natural, pure beauty and unique culture. Ladakh is also blessed with amazing, clear skies. Considering the high altitude of Ladakh and almost zero light-pollution, this place is ideal for sky gazing and astronomy sessions.


Aseem Foundation plans to develop and promote AstroTourism in Ladakh - tourism coupled with astronomy.
2-hour or 3-hour Astronomy sessions will be organized for tourists visiting Ladakh. These sessions will be conducted at Aseem Foundation's Science Park. These sessions will include three parts - basic information of sky gazing, observations through a telescope and some videos related to astronomy.


1.   Enabling youth through skill development.

2.  Generating local employment opportunities.

3.  Increasing curiosity towards astronomy among local students and tourists.


•  Developing the pollution-free, clear skies of Ladakh as a Tourist attraction - astronomy and sky gazing sessions.

•  Enabling youth through skill development.

•  Generating local employment opportunities

•  Increasing curiosity towards astronomy and scienceamong local students and tourists