Handwoven Textile Products

- Style with Environmental Responsibility -

Assam has a rich heritage of homemade (and handwoven) textile items. Traditionally, the Gamusa (Multipurpose garment worn by men) and Mekhala Chador (Two-part Sari worn by women) are the two most famous items of Assamese descent.

In our project area of Barpeta, almost every village home has a hand-operated loom, which is used to make clothes for household use. The women are well versed in the use of looms, and are ready to spend some extra loom time daily to enhance their livelihood. This can be converted into an opportunity for them to earn money and recognition. We are planning to create a brand and market textile products made by women of village Sorbhog.

The attractive and fresh colors and rich cotton texture of this dupatta is already gaining huge demand in our pilot phase, and we plan to expand our manufacturing base to include more women till end-2020.


1. Visit of Aseem’s volunteer & orientation of participating village women - Completed

2. Sample making - Completed

3. Inauguration, Start of operation at project site & Pilot production - In progress

4. Setting up supply chain & Tie-up with buyers - In progress

Samples are available at Aseem's Pune office! Please send an e-mail to orders@aseemfoundation.org mentioning your visit time, our volunteer will guide you!

Attractive, Reusable Cotton Masks are available!
Contact us on above e-mail for more details.