Exchange Tours : Education and Friendship

Exchange Tours - The concept

Our primary objectives are to remove the educational barriers that come bundled with nonuniform educational resources. The youth in these geographies must be made aware of the abundant possibilities that education offers. Aseem encourages scholastic and higher education to students and youth in the Border states. Aseem reaches out to these students to try and broaden their educational and professional views.

In this quest, we find that the actual exposure to benefits of education is far influential than plain lectures or connecting via telecon/video conferencing. So, we conduct educational tours of students from border areas like Jammu-Kashmir, Assam, Arunachal, Nagaland, etc. to various schools and educational institutes in Pune, and also to various professional avenues.

This helps them in better understanding of opportunities that education can offer. In return, we also promote exchange of people and ideas towards these areas. The host schools from Pune get a chance to send their students to the guests. This helps the bond of friendship grow stronger, which in turn benefits fulfilling our aim of Development through Friendship

Another importat benefit of these tours is the Social and Cultural exchange between the visitors and the hosts. As we all have rich regional culture and traditions, it is always a nice feeling to get to know each other better in these contexts.

Along with Project Abhilasha and E-Mentorship, the Exchange Tour is instrumental in giving the attention-deprived border residents what they truly deserve.

To know more or to contribute towards upcoming tours (financially or personally), please email us at with your Full Name, Occupation, Interest and Contact number.

An Exchange tour was conducted between school students in Nagaland and Maharashtra in 2014. The glimpses of the tour can be seen in the video below:

If you are a student or teacher from Jammu-Kashmir or North-east India, and want to participate in the Exchange tours, contact us using the information on Contact Page