Gucchi Mushroom Collection

- From mountains of Kashmir to your doorstep -

Wild Guchchi, also known as Morel mushrooms command a huge demand despite their high price tag. These are prized for their spongy, honeycomb texture and unique flavor. Also, as Gucchi mushrooms cannot be cultivated commercially and instead they grow wild only in some regions like the Kangara Valley, Jammu and Kashmir, Manali and other parts of Himachal Pradesh after the snowfall period, adds to their luxurious costing. Each year, the valley produces about 25,000 kilos of morels of which about 90 per cent are exported, particularly to Japan and Thailand. Under this project, Aseem plans to provide employment to Gujjar-Bakarwals, who will be collecting mushrooms and Aseem will be buying a defined amount these mushrooms every year and will be selling them to pre-identified customers.


1. Training for mushroom collection and drying

2. Shelf Life testing & obtaining necessary permissions

3. Tie up with buyers

4. Setting up supply chain

Due to COVID19 pandemic, we have had to stop the training activities, earlier planned to be held in June 2020. The project will be restarted once normalcy returns.