All Aseem members, having worked on ground along with common man in various regions of Jammu-Kashmir, Assam, Arunachal, and other parts of India, have the first hand experience of the conditions and the constraints in these regions. Also, they have a better idea of what the common man in these regions wants than someone who has never been there, or who has been only for some duration.

Therefore, we consider it our duty to create awareness amongst people about the conditions in border areas. This opens up an opportunity for the people in discussion to think about the problems and their possible solutions. We believe in discussion and friendship, and finding solutions through co-operation rather than isolated thinking.

Our volunteers have been to numerous platforms, ranging from a few people audience to thousands. Most of the times, the discussions are about a specific case, such as education, or Entreprenership amongst youth in Kashmir valley.

Most notably, our founder-president Mr. Sarang Gosavi gave a speech at the TEDx event at Pune. The theme was #WhyNot, and Sarang presented the case for Development of Kashmir and the story of Aseem. He is also a regular at the TV panel discussions related to the border areas.

In the photos in the right column, there is a small glimpse of some of the interactions that we have had as an organization.